Ed Driscoll

CNBC's Dennis Kneale: 'Obama The Bully'

While the apple-polishing of The One goes on at NBC and even more so of course, at MSNBC, this represents the second time that an employee of one division of General Electric has decided to think for himself. Last year of course, CNBC’s Rick Santelli dusted off a 200-year old meme to give the Tea Parties their name. Yesterday, Dennis Kneale, CNBC’s media and technology editor compared Obama to — gasp — President Nixon. (And no, not for consolidating a national industry and for squishy business, environmental and foreign policies):

Obama the Bully, at his State of the Union address, had the temerity to criticize the Supreme Court of the United States for its new ruling that companies have a right to free speech in political campaign advertising (a right that unions already enjoyed, by the way). He did this as the justices themselves sat before him in the audience, paying their respects to a leader who showed them none.Perhaps President Obama had forgotten an American civics lesson: The Supreme Court is the supreme law of the land. It is unseemly and disrespectful for a President to so bluntly and blatantly question the justices’ judgment and intent—especially right in front of their faces.

I can’t remember of any other President in my memory having done this. Nixon maybe? An unfortunate comparison, indeed.

Welcome to the party, fellas. Unfortunately, you’re at least seven months late.