Ed Driscoll

I Shouted Out Who Killed The Kennedys, When After All It Was J&B

“In an exclusive excerpt from Last Call, his history of Prohibition”, Daniel Okrent writes at the Daily Beast that long-held beliefs about Joe Kennedy’s bootlegging business are bunk.”

Matt Welch quips at Reason:

Instead, [Joe] was an incredibly well-connected transatlantic political insider and business partner with the president’s son who obtained exclusive liquor-import contracts from abroad (while noshing with various current and future prime ministers) and medicinal liquor permits at home, using both to make a bundle selling alcohol during Prohibition. Which is just so much better.

Heh. Keep reading to see, as Matt writes, that “the real Kennedy family business is alive and well.”

Related: As Commentary’s Peter Wehner writes, “Joe Kennedy Innocent of One Charge, Guilty of the Rest.”