How The State-Run Media Crafts A Narrative

At Big Journalism, Larry O'Connor asks, "Were Reporters Used to Spread ‘N-Word’ Narrative?"

Ever wonder what it must be like to be standing right in the middle of the action when a huge story breaks?  Thanks to Kerry Picket at the Washington Times, you can come close to that experience.  Except, in this case you can hear how events transpire when an unproven rumor gets spread to reporters and then gets promulgated as if it were a huge story.

* * *

Here is the transcript of the audio.  I have highlighted what I consider to be the “talking points” that Rep. Carson insists on circling back to.

Click over for audio and video. And speaking of video, in a related item, Newsbusters has a video of Big Journalism head honcho Andrew Breitbart confronting AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka about the latter man's claims that he heard the N-word on the photo op march in DC before the ObamaCare vote.

It's perhaps understandable that the crowd  (clearly sympathetic to Trumka) shouts that Trumka's claim that he heard the N-word being shouted should count for Andrew's $100,000 reward, but like Sharpton's previous claims, it's hearsay. (Hey, I can say that E.T. landed in my backyard, but wouldn't you want a preponderance of proof to verify such a wild claim?)

In the absence of video, Trumka's claims seem to dovetail remarkably well with the post by O'Connor and the reporting by Kerry Picket.

All that being said though, in light of new video evidence, we must reluctantly agree with Newsweek and their new article on the violence associated with extremist libertarian movements. At PJTV, Bill Whittle explores the root causes of the Tea Party, and discovers the shocking violence inherent in its founding.

Related: Newsbusters' Lachlan Markay has a must-read post debunking the legacy media's go-to guy to supply quotes and talking points for their "rightwing violence, rightwing racism, rightwing militias" memes.

Update (9:10 PM PDT): The server at, which hosts the aforementioned Newsbusters video at is down at the moment, but Breitbart retells the story beginning at 3:30 into this video from this weekend's South Republican Leadership Conference, found via this post at Big Journalism.