Ed Driscoll

Having Established That Victorians Enjoyed Sex, What Of The Puritans?

Well, neo-puritans, at least, particularly when (to borrow from Dennis Prager’s recent article), there’s the potential for a cohabitational religious schism:

The problem is this; my husband is going to vote Conservative.

Yes, I cannot believe I have just written those words, but it’s true.

My husband, the man I have lived with for more than a decade, the man who I have children with, the man I would give up almost anything for, is a Tory.

Yet you would have to pull my toenails out and threaten to seriously hurt one of my children to get me to vote for the Tories.

Good to see that Krauthammer’s Law (“Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”) holds true in England as well.