Ed Driscoll

Period Typecasting: How Historically Accurate Are Mad Men's Fonts?


Last September, when I showed the photo at the top of this post (and reproduced above) to James Lileks, and mentioned to him that it seems at least five years too soon for Euro Bold to be used as signage for a suburban bank from 1960, he replied that Mad Men plays “fast & loose” (his words) with historical fonts.

And how! Font producer Mark Simonson has a thorough, illustrated round-up of fonts and props from Mad Men, to see what they got right, what they screwed up, and what they simply invented, thinking that the audience wouldn’t notice.

They did. Don’t get this guy started on the font the show used for its closing titles.

Meanwhile, speaking of Mad Men props, at his Strib blog, Lileks looks looks at High Finance, Distaff Style, with an item could easily have been a prop on the show.