'My First Qualification Is I Did Not Go To Columbia Journalism School'

In this edition of the Hoover Instition’s Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson asks Roger Ailes:

Okay. You launched Fox News in 1996. At the time, Fox News had access to 17 million homes. MSNBC did 22 million homes. CNN was to 70 million homes. Yet from that beginning we go to the night of the special election in Massachusetts here in January when Fox News attracted six million viewers, more than three times as many as CNN and MSNBC put together. That is the viewership. Here is the money. From the New York Times, “Fox News is believed to make more money than CNN, MSNBC, and the evening news casts of NBC, ABC, and CBS combined.” How did you do it?


Watch the rest, here:

[youtube lHYa9IupxRs]


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