Ed Driscoll

P.U.M.A Power: The Next Generation!

CNN reports (grudgingly, I’m sure, given their snark-filled past reporting on the movement), “Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party.”

No word yet what Steve Cohen — not to mention Anderson Cooper — thinks of this.

Update: On the other hand, here’s what Jason Mattera, author of Obama Zombies and Don Imus think:

“I think many young people forgot they were voting for a president, and instead thought they were voting for the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,'” Mattera stated. “They got caught up in the uber-swag cool campaign – the ‘Yes We Can’ – and now the sizzle has fizzled for many Obama zombies.”

The young and rising journalist noted however, that the realities of life under the Obama administration has provided a humbling and sobering experience for young voters – and something Republicans must capitalize on and recapture an entire generation of “zombies.”

“I think many Obama zombies are having buyer’s remorse because they’re living in an Obama economy, but they just can’t find any jobs,” Mattera continued. “There was such euphoria surrounding Barack during the 2008 election especially with young people – as though the election of this politician would somehow cause iPods to drop from the skies and their student loans would just melt away forever! Like a government unicorn would fly above their apartment and hand out welfare checks on recycled envelopes!”

“Hopefully they’re zapped back to reality, because it’s not just about elections being lost – it’s about losing an entire generation of young people who are not versed in the idea of limited government and free markets.”

Fortunately, it sounds like the last year and a half might be something of a wake-up call.

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