Ed Driscoll

'The 2,309-Page Scam That Will Live In Infamy'

At the start of the month, Rush Limbaugh dubbed ObamaCare as something akin to the Terminator. As Rush quipped, “It starts out looking like it’s just what we need, and then it’s exposed for what it really is.  It’s nothing at all like we see it or imagine it.  But every time you kill it, every way you kill it, it keeps coming back in a new form.”

Stacy McCain has a thorough round-up of links and Blogospheric opinions on its latest incarnation, “ObamaCare 2.0: The 2,309-Page Scam That Will Live In Infamy.”

And speaking of Rush, Mark Steyn sits in for him later today, for some early thoughts on what will likely be the story of the week, no matter what happens in Congress.

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