Trying To Reinvent Obama

Jennifer Rubin spots former Clinton flakette Dee Dee Myers proffering advice to his Democrat successor, whose first year in office has gone about as badly as Clinton’s. But unlike Clinton, who both ran for the White House as a moderate, and had actual experience as a relatively moderate governor in a conservative southern state, reinventing President Obama is nowhere near as easily accomplished, Jennifer writes:


It’s hard to conceal your personality in the 24/7 news cycle and in the most prominent job in the world. What was intriguing in the campaign — that cool, “superior” temperament — is now a liability. But it’s hard to change who you are. If Democrats are queasy about the president’s lacking warmth and empathy, not to mention some executive skills, there isn’t much they can do about it. Their dream candidate turned out to be rather flawed in ways that are critical to a successful presidency. They — and we — will have to live with that for a few more years.

Fortunately, Barry will always have David Brooks on his side!

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