Ed Driscoll

MSNBC May Have Finally Found Where The Problem Lies

MSNBC runs a job listing requesting an editor who “knows America:”

Ok, I can’t help myself. I saw this job posting and I have to take a few silly shots at MSNBC. From the job description:

We want the highest ethics and a sense of fairness. We want someone who knows America, not just D.C.

I guess they are looking for someone with ethics and fairness to balance out their primetime line up. Ok, my cheap shot of the day! Uh, and the “knows America” part is odd. What does that mean? If you live in America, you should “know America,” right?

Obviously, all these years, MSNBC has lacked an editor who “knows America” — and no employee’s absence has been more keenly felt! Fortunately, they’re finally taking steps to rectify the problem. We’ll know MSNBC has found their man, when he fires this clearly malcontented staffer.

(Via Frank J. No word yet if he’s submitted a resumé, though.)

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