Rules For Super-Cereal Radicals

Other than sharing the same first name, nobody would confuse Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) with Acorn scourge James O’Keefe. But at Newsreal, JE Tabler explains how Inhofe is “Killing ManBearPig the Alinsky Way:”


Rule 4 (“[making] opponents live up to their own book of rules”) was where Inhofe really shined, long before he lived to see Barbara Boxer and Lisa Jackson throw the IPCC and NASA under the bus and effectively concede that they were selling us nothing but hot air. He has repeatedly called Al Gore on his ridiculous carbon footprint and, just to underline his hypocrisy, introduced the Personal Energy Ethics Pledge. Holding his opponents to their claim that “the science is settled” ultimately proved to be their undoing.

There is now a veil hanging over the IPCC,” says Inhofe. “The EPA must begin to back off using its reports in its policies. Billions are at stake here. The CRU cooked the science, now we must make sure that truth, not climate spin, wins out.”

The truth did win out, largely because Inhofe acted as an albatross, following ManBearPig and his cronies all over the world for years.

In addition to Inhofe’s ridiculing (Rule 5) of Gore mentioned above, he more recently challenged Gore to a snowman contest and built him an igloo with his son while Washington was shut down due to inclement weather. But Inhofe is no longer joking; he is calling for Gore to be stripped of his Nobel Prize and investigated by Congress over his role in Climategate.

As for the threat being worse than the thing itself (Rule 9), only time will tell, but his opponents sure are running scared.

Having a plan (Rule 10) was a no-brainer, since the entire crisis was fabricated in the first place and we have plenty of carbon-emitting natural resources right here of which to make use. Inhofe merely had to establish that the climate was never broken so fixing it was therefore a non-issue.

Inhofe picked his target and isolated him (Rule 11) very early on. While he never lost sight of the scope of the ManBearPig conspiracy, he never forgot who his primary target was, either, nor is he likely to now. He forced Gore into the shadows at Copenhagen, challenged him to a debate, and built him an igloo. Inhofe is now polarizing his target by calling for an investigation of Gore’s role in Climategate, which will pit Congress against Gore and the junk science he has been pushing all these years.


Read the whole thing.

In a related item, while “global warming” is a tool that the left has used to distort private enterprise and consumer choice, Reuters notes, “White House economic adviser Larry Summers said on Monday winter blizzards were likely to distort U.S. February jobless figures, which are due to be released on Friday.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. could not be reached for comment.

Related: “Head of ‘Climategate’ research unit admits he hid data — because it was ‘standard practice.'”

Hey, hide the data, claim that the “science is settled”, rinse, blather, repeat.


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