Ed Driscoll

And Speaking Of Aviation-Loving California Leftwing Elites...

At least Harrison Ford earned his aircraft through hard work appreciated by a grateful public. In contrast, Nancy Pelosi’s cross-country jaunts are on the public dime. And Ed Morrissey wonders how long she’ll remain as speaker, even if Democrats hold the House come November:

Part of Pelosi’s problem, though, is that progressives have become irate at Senate Democrats who won’t pass bills radical enough for them.  They have been told to pipe down all year, and after losing the public option on health care, they’re angry.  The CBC is almost entirely comprised of progressives, so their action on the jobs bill is just a subset of the opposition to the Reid approach. Pelosi has fanned that discontent rather than sooth it, again for her own political purposes, but she may be about to reap the consequences of both her agenda and her management style.Even if Democrats survive the midterms, they may be realizing that Pelosi simply has to go, and someone with better people skills should take her place.

As James Taranto noted late last year, Pelosi’s arrogance in attempting to ram ObamaCare through Congress, public opinion be damned, is rooted in the fact that she’s got nothing to lose. And she’s not afraid to take the rest of Congress down with her in the process.

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