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To follow-up on the previous post about Donny Deutsch’s coconut smear against Marco Rubio, Michelle Malkin notes there’s nothing new about this attack:


A few readers asked me why I hadn’t commented on MSNBC’s latest attack on the Tea Party as RAAAAACIST. Been there, done that. Over and over and over again. (The Dallas Tea Party posted an excellent rejoinder video here.)

The whole right-wingers-are-racist and minority-conservatives-are-race-traitors-wrapped-in-color thing is getting really, really old. Staler than last year’s Halloween candy, Diane Keaton’s wardrobe, and the Smothers Brothers’ show. It’s gotten so old that yet another white liberal bigmouth has now resurrected a smear I first heard in college: “Coconut.” (See here and here for my past musings on the vile bile minority conservatives have put up with over the years.)

But it also illustrates a classic piece of leftwing doublethink. Olbermann and the rest of the MSNBC gang, along with Viacom’s Jon Stewart have been flailing wildly since early 2009, trying to convince their niche audiences that the Tea Party and CPAC attendees are nearly as white as MSNBC’s primetime lineup (and as Michelle notes in her post, the bulk of Stewart’s audience). But then, according to the far left, when it comes to minority conservatives from Clarence Thomas to Condi Rice and now Rubio, their political opinions invalidate their ethnicity.


As a blog whose parent company is the Washington Post reminds their readers today, Sonny Bunch of the Weekly Standard notes:

Slate’s The Root — the portion of the website where they cordon off their African-American content — has compiled a list of “Black folks we’d like to remove from black history.” Some of the choices are funny (Dennis Rodman) some are head-scratching (the doctor who prescribed Michael Jackson his meds?) while others are downright offensive. The continuous pathology in the liberal black community to denigrate black conservatives as “not really black” continues apace here: Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, and Alan Keyes are listed alongside Idi Amin, Papa and Baby Doc Duvalier, and Robert Mugabe.

Oh, and Marion Barry. I imagine that is the excuse that the authors of the list will throw out there if questioned about including a trio of black Republicans alongside cannibals and mass murderers: “Hey, we included a black Democrat too! He was even our very first choice!”

Of course, there’s a huge difference between admitting to being embarrassed of Democrat who was caught in a FBI sting doing crack, muttered “Bitch set me up” as the feds burst through the door, and served time in prison as a result — to say nothing of his myriad tax problems and, most recently, blatant corruption in D.C.’s contracting process — and being embarrassed about the GOP entries on the list.

What is so embarrassing about Clarence Thomas — the second black man on the Supreme Court? He would be a source of pride for the African American community, except for the fact that he’s a conservative. He’s a minority within a minority. One would think that mocking a minority simply for his status as such is something that writers at The Root would want to avoid.


What, and lose a chance to appear on MSNBC or the Joy Behar Show?


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