The Gandhi Girls

Ann Althouse links to a quote from someone in the L.A. Times, who says,“I’m doing fairly well for a grandmother who had a monkey tangled up in her hair last month on a ghat in Varanasi at sunset.”


“Back home again now, I can report that in the midst of the zap that is India, with its heartbreaking, gorgeous, hallucinatory, dazzling, kaleidoscopic, mind-blowing grandeur and loud reality — a place where having a monkey’s hand trapped in your dreadlocks is pretty par for the course — I came to three decisions about my own country.”

Althouse responds:

I didn’t know Americans were still trekking to India to learn about themselves and attain enlightenment and so forth, but let’s see what 3 things Ann Lamott figured out. It’s not: 1. India does not exist for the purpose of providing psychedelic experiences to Baby Boomers, 2. White ladies should not affect dreadlocks, and 3. I have had it with these motherf***ing monkeys in my motherf***ing hair.


1. “If the people on the streets of India can keep their humor and good nature, I can keep mine.”

2. “[F]orgive John Edwards.”

3. “I am going to trust this guy Obama.”

I kid you not. Those are the 3 things Anne Lamott discovered in India, and I am definitely — without even going to India — keeping my sense of humor about that.


Wow, I thought aging hippies making treks to India for spiritual enlightenment went out around 1967. Or around the time of Alanis Morissette’s second U.S. album. But I repeat myself.

(H/T: Power Line.)


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