I'd Buy That For A Dollar!

Actually, I wouldn’t, given the location, but it’s amusing to see life in Detroit continue to catch up to 1987’s Robocop:

TAYLOR, Mich. (AP) — A buck is all it will take to buy a bungalow in one Detroit suburb.

That’s what Taylor officials are asking for a two-story Arts and Crafts-Style home built in 1926 that features four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The catch? City officials say the buyer of the 2,110-square-foot fixer must move it from its current location no later than May 31, because it sits on property they’d like to add to a nearby park.

Records reviewed by The Detroit News indicate the city about 15 miles southwest of Detroit bought the home for $76,415 after it went into foreclosure last year.

Officials estimate moving the home will cost at least $20,000.

If no buyer comes forward, the city will demolish the home this spring.


And if you’ve haven’t seen it, don’t miss Steven Crowder’s recent look at a 21st century Detroit far scarier than the movie version from the mid-1980s.

(H/T: Mark Steyn)


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