And Speaking Of The Boardroom Of Sterling Cooper

City Journal has a Mad Man-themed review of Fred Kaplan’s recent look back at 1959: The Year Everything Changed, which is yet another reminder that much of what we think of as “revolutionary” in the 1960s has its roots in the preceding decade.


Meanwhile, the Screen Producers Association of Australia has an excellent two-part video interview with Matt Weiner, the creater/executive producer of Mad Man, who discusses the show’s first two seasons. According to their Webpage, the interview was recorded in November of 2009, but apparently, the third season had not yet arrived down under yet, hence Wiener’s playing coy with how it would end. (Hint: I shouted out who blew-up Sterling Cooper, when after all, it was you and me.)

Watch the video clips with Weiner under the page break:

Part 1

Part 2:


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