Mister President, We Cannot Afford A Demon Sheep Gap!

Picture yourself sitting in with the Mad Men in Sterling Cooper’s boardroom. Or that great smoky projection room near the beginning of Citizen Kane.

“Boys, we’ve just landed the Carly Fiorina acount. She’s running for the Senate in California, and she wants us to make her next YouTube clip. Any ideas?”


“Well, we could say that Tom Campbell, her Republican opponent who just parachuted into the Senate race after deciding not to run for the governorship isn’t fiscally conservative.”

“Yeah, but we’re talking Sacramento here. Nobody is fiscally conservative. He inherited a bloated budget, and there’s only so much one Republican can do in a Democrat-controlled state. I mean, look at Schwarzenegger.”

“We could paint him as a sheep.”

“A what?”

“You know, a sheep, not a leader.”

“And? We’re getting paid the big bucks here, fellas! Besides, those guys doing the GOP ads in Chicago have already set the bar pretty high. What do you want me to do, put some actor in a sheep’s suit?”

“Yes. With glowing red eyes, like he’s the devil or something. You know, like that Darth Maul character from the Star Wars movies. Or the Terminator, to tie him in with Schwarzenegger. Think of it as…Demon Sheep!”

“I like it! Boys, we’ve got a winner with this one. Run that baby! Get it up on YouTube, pronto.”

“Don’t you mean EweTube, boss?”

“BWAHAHAHAHAH! What could wrong with this idea?!”

Click on photo, scroll to about 2:20 into the clip to find out:

(And if you’re on Twitter, search on the #Demonsheep hashtag for endless jokes from both sides of the aisle about this ridiculous ad.)

Update: Pejman Yousefzadeh does not mince words (though the above ad does put me in the mood for mint jelly for some reason): “The Worst Political Ad In History.”


Update: Demon Sheep merchandise (presumably made of 100 percent demonic fibers) is available in the lobby.

Update: Mary Katharine Ham on the satanic lamb:

This thing’s going viral, but not necessarily in a way that will help Carly Fiorina’s message. It just oozes that special brand of ludicrous hilarity that the Internet loves, and the Internet will give the demon sheep many, many lives. And, you will now be able to say, “I knew the demon sheep when.”

If I thought the creation of the demon sheep was an intentional Internet hit, I’d be impressed, but I’m not sure it was. Nor am I sure that the true inanity required to produce viral hits will ever be the kind of thing that serves political campaigns well, but here’s to the Fiorina campaign for creating something we’ll all remember.

More from Allahpundit: “Geraghty thinks it’s genius, but I came away from it wondering more what Fiorina was thinking than what Campbell was thinking. Not good.”


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