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The Revolutions Finally Got Televised

Blogger "Velvet Hammer" has a new post featuring the YouTube clips of Glenn Beck’s Revolutionary Holocaust in its entirety. While some of the music and (especially) the sound effects chosen by Beck and his production crew are bit melodramatic, this is a must-watch program, placing Hitler's National Socialism, and International Communism in its various forms -- Stalin's Terror Famine, Che Guevara's primitive butchery and racism, and Mao's slaughter of at least 70 million into context, along with the western intellectuals of the early 20th century who championed the ideas that made them possible:

Related: "Dusting Off the Political F-Word" at the American Thinker.

Update: Welcome Cornerites and Rand Simberg readers; a commenter below has a link to the credits from the Beck show that list all of the contributors to the program.