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I Thought Democrats Didn't Need To Fear The Media

For the second -- maybe third time -- video evidence of Coakley staffers threatening a journalist. Or as Garret Quinn of Red Mass Group writes, "Coakley Staffers Throw Reporter Out Shouting 'Nazi!'"

Real Clear Politics has obtained a great video of Coakley staffers flipping out and throwing a reporter out of their office.

During the exchange the staffers shout "Get the f**k out of our office!" and call the reporter a "Nazi!"

You stay classy.

Elsewhere, Jim Geraghty jokes, complete with video, "You're Not Supposed to Get an Absentee Ballot in a Box of Cracker Jacks."

Dan Riehl writes, "The Revolution Doesn't Need To Be Televised", and it won't be by the legacy media, who have a candidate they need to protect. But clips such as the above will receive widespread dissemination in the coming weeks.

Update: "You didn’t think the Democratic monopoly would go quietly in Massachusetts just because the voters don’t want them any more, did you?", Ed Morrissey writes.

Update: More video: "Security Guard Waves Sign For Coakley" -- Election Journal notes, "Fourth precinct of Boston’s 15th Ward - Pasciucco Apartments. Security official waves Coakley sign in front of polling place":