When Martha Snubbed Barry

Kerry Picket asks, “Does Obama remember when Coakley snubbed him in 2008?”

President Barack Obama is flying into Boston on Sunday to try and help the struggling Martha Coakley campaign in the final days of the Massachusetts Senate race. Mr. Obama must have swallowed a lot of his pride do make this trip, knowing it is all about keeping the Senate Democrats at sixty, because Ms. Coakley was not as courteous to Mr. Obama during his Boston birthday bash in 2008.

Verum Serum has discovered interesting audio of Ms. Coakley, a Hillary Clinton for President supporter, explaining to NPR why she decided to skip Mr. Obama’s birthday event. In fact, representing the State of Massachusetts at the Democratic National Convention, she voted for Hillary Clinton after Mrs. Clinton had formally released all of her delegates to vote for Obama.  AUDIO [Transcript H/T Verum Serum]

[NPR reporter]: Much has been made of the rift between Hillary Clinton’s supporters and Obama’s in this presidential campaign. Last night provided some evidence that the rift is closing. Seven hundred thousand dollars – about one-seventh of the money raised – came from Clinton supporters.

There were some notable absences at last night’s party. The most prominent woman to hold office in Massachusetts, Attorney General Martha Coakley, a former Clinton supporter, decided not to go.

[Coakley]: No particular reason. I’m a supporter of the…uh…candidate. It is a big price tag.

[NPR reporter]: A $1000 and up.

When Mr. Obama addresses Coakley supporters at Northeastern University on Sunday, one can only imagine the bitter flavor that will hang around his mouth, as he sings the praises of an individual who apparently turned her back on him early on in campaign 2008.


“The bitter flavor that will hang around his mouth?” Perhaps it will be not just palpable, but visible tomorrow.

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