Ed Driscoll

Being Is Free


Also from New York magazine’s excerpt from Game Change:

There was nothing legit, however, about [Rielle Hunter’s] behavior. obama-as-fdr-and-lincoln1-14-10It was freaky, wildly inappropriate, and all too visible. She flirted outlandishly with every man she met. She spouted New Age babble, rambled on about astrology and reincarnation, and announced to people she had just met, “I’m a witch.” But mostly, she fixated on [John Edwards]. She told him that he had “the power to change the world,” that “the people will follow you.” She told him that he could be as great a leader as Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.


And this differs from the legacy media comparing the man who bested Edwards to secure the Democrats’ nomination and ultimately the presidency to Lincoln, RooseveltKennedy, Gandhi, King and God Himself…how?

Well, other than the media are, in theory, older, wiser and have a better grasp on both history and common sense, of course.

(Headline via Hunter’s now legendary original Website; Newsweek parody cover via Rob Long.)

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