Reid Himself Was Book’s Source For Race Comments?

No wonder he was so quick to apologize over the weekend:

Reid’s office confirms that Reid himself was the source of the anecdote to the reporters. His office declined to elaborate. But it looks as if Reid used the language to one of the reporters in some way or other.

The authors’ note further specifies that “all our interviews” were conducted on a “deep background” basis. So it looks like Reid used this language in an interview on deep background. That must be what the reporters mean when they say Reid said this stuff “privately.”

Did Reid have any earthly idea that these comments would end up in print? Was he told they might? Doesn’t look like it.

Fellow ABC newsreader/ fellow Democratic party hack George Stephanopoulos did his best to spin Reid’s loose lips on Good Morning America yesterday:

Ah, well, you know, Reid was already in some political trouble.  He’s getting, he’s up for re-election this November.  He’s behind both of his possible opponents right now; he’s got a 52% unfavorable rating in the state of Nevada. Now, this was a private conversation, it was meant to be private, with the book’s authors in which Reid was explaining why he was pushing Obama to run for president in the first place.

But as both Stephanopoulos and Reid know full well, anything said in the presence of a journalist is on the record. Just ask Jimmy Carter, Helen Thomas, and Mike Wallace.



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