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Center-left Mediate reports that far left Media Matters “Isn’t Quite Sure How To Take Red Eye’s Robot Attack”:

Fox News’ late night comedy/news hybrid Red Eye took on liberal watchdog Media Matters last night, in a segment featuring talking robots.

Media Matters called it the “most bizarre attack on Media Matters EVER.”


And trust me Media Matters knows its way around bizarre attacks. More from Mediate:

Introducing the segment, host Greg Gutfeld said of Media Matters, “They obsessively send me and everyone else in the media thousands of press releases a week complaining about Fox News.” (As an example, a Glenn Beck-related release today.)

So Red Eye “recreated a typical day in the life of the angriest organization on the planet,” using similar technology to this Robot Theater presentation of Tiger Woods‘ ‘incident.’

Here’s a sample of the robot talk: “I want George Soros to be my dad and my mom so he could spank me and breastfeed me.” Later, Soros is involved.

The comments are all over the map. This one, from “Wildcat Progressive” kind of sums up the sentiment though: “Wow, this is like a David Lynch movie after he did a combo of coke, smack and acid.”

Which amongst midnight movie aficionados is a compliment, right?

[youtube AwhPi5FoIEo]

Flashback: “It’ll Be All Right On The Night — Political correctness has crippled the left’s sense of humour”.


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