The MSM's All-Purpose Slur

“Anti-gay” — it’s “The All Purpose Slur to Silence Politically Incorrect Opinions on Gay Issues”, Gay Patriot writes:

One of our readers, the blogger sometimes known as That Gay Conservative, alerted me to an interesting post that gets at something we’ve been saying for sometime: “Declaring people who don’t think gay marriage is good policy as ‘anti-gay’ was always an obvious slander.

With these words, blogger Brian Garst comments on a New York Times article reporting that while Texans voted overwhelmingly (”by a ratio of three to one”) to enact “a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage“, citizens twice elected one lesbian as sheriff of Dallas County, another as district attorney for Travis County and yet another as Mayor of Houston, the state’s largest city.

The title says it all, “Gay Candidates Get Support That Causes May Not”.  Social tolerance of openly gay people grows with each passing day.  An overwhelming majority of Americans, including (I would daresay) most conservatives, don’t really care about an individual’s sexual orientation, they just don’t favor the “equality” agenda of the left-wing gay groups.  And while said groups may tar opponents of their ideology “anti-gay,” a good many (but alas not all) of these opponents are anything but.

Many simply believe the word “marriage” means a lifelong monogamous union between individuals of different sexes.

And it’s not just in the debate over gay marriage where those offering an inconvenient viewpoint or publishing inconvenient information are tarred as anti-gay.  Those who dare report one of the most underreported stories of the year just concluded are also slimed as “anti-gay.”


Found via Fausta’s Blog, who has additional examples of “Old media asleep at the wheel.”


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