What Ever Happened To The "Duke 88"?

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As we’ve noted before, the Media Matters left redefined to the word “smear” this year, to refer to just about any accurate charge leveled by conservatives against a protected liberal elite.


But what happens when the left levels a false charge? Eh, pretty much what you’d expect:

The “Duke 88” consisted of 88 Duke professors who signed an ad which implicitly assumed that Duke lacrosse players raped a black stripper, an allegation that proved to be entirely fraudulent. The ad praised protesters who had put lacrosse players’ photos on “wanted” posters, associated “what happened to this young woman” with “racism and sexism,” and suggested that the lacrosse players were getting privileged treatment because of their race.

The ad appeared almost four years ago. Stuart Taylor takes a look at what has happened since to some of the 88 thoroughly wrongheaded professors who signed it.

First, according to Taylor, no member of the “Duke 88” has publicly apologized. Many have expressed pride in their rush to judgment.

Second, sigining the ad seems to have been a pretty good career move. In 2007, one member of the group — Paula McClain — became head of Duke’s Academic Council, the highest elected position for a faculty member.

Three members of the “Duke 88” have been hired by other leading universities.

Never let a crisis go to waste.


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