"From The People Who Brought You Rathergate"

Kathy Shaidle writes:

CBS News (!) solemnly informs you that some iconic historical photographs were staged. Shocking, I know.

More here, here and here — including another of CBS News’ own manipulations.


Meanwhile a photo apparently taken in the mid-1950s has emerged, purporting to show a soon to be elected president engaging in slightly milder forms of the extracurricular activities for which his family was infamous (such as “hiking the Appalachian trail”, as Dave Barry would say). Is it real? The jury’s still out, while it’s studied with Zapruder-level scrutiny.

Update: Looks like the jury’s back — the Smoking Gun reports, “TMZ Falls For JFK Photo Hoax.”

But Pierre Salinger was sure it was real!

Update: Andrew Sullivan falls for photo; Legal Insurrection has a screen cap and ponders how Sully (and/or his ghostbloggers) would have reacted “If Sarah Palin Had Done This.”

Update: Ron Rosenbaum asks, was The New York Times “‘Hoaxed’ By TMZ’s JFK Nudes ‘Scoop?'”

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