Ed Driscoll

The Progressive Joe Biden

As Moe Lane writes, “Joe Biden cops to being a progressive:”

PR NEWSWIREAdmittedly, it’s in the context of explaining why progressives need to take a bite of this surprisingly tasty, solid B+ health care rationing sandwich*, but actual semantic content is actual semantic content:

“I share the frustration of other progressives that the Senate bill does not include a public option.”

Especially when it’s sitting out there, all alone like that.  But you saw it here first: Joe Biden’s a progressive.

To be fair, the man who saw FDR on TV in 1929 does sound remarkably Wilsonian at times:

[youtube OIT3jUrNTX0]

[youtube qFduMuP7v-k]

[youtube RcX_xfuivbs]

(More of Joe’s progressive verbal stylings here.)

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