PJM Political: Look Back In Bemusement

Click here to join host Steve Green of VodkaPundit.com for a look back this Christmas weekend, at long, strange year there was, and how we got we here:

  • Steve looks back at one of the biggest political stories of 2009, the passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy, which has repercussions to this day.
  • As she explains to Dr. Helen, blogger and syndicated “advice goddess” Amy Alkon sees rude people — and does something about it.
  • I look  back at the politicians, advisors, celebrities and dignitaries who’ve appeared on the show’s first two seasons, with soundbites from:
  • Senator John McCain.
  • Former Senator Fred Thompson.
  • Former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee (plus James Lileks on 2007’s brief “Huckabee boomlet!”)
  • Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney.
  • Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
  • Steve Westly, eBay, co-founder, California Campaign Co-chair for Obama ’08.
  • Steve Maviglio, Democratic strategist for Hillary Clinton ‘08.
  • Michelle Malkin’s harrowing run-in with a “truther” during the 2008 Democratic Convention.
  • From the film’s premiere at the 2008 GOP convention, American Carol’s Jon Voight.
  • General David Petraeus.
  • John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia.
  • And from September of 2007, an offer from Ed they could refuse
  • And boiled down from PJTV’s nine hours of live coverage of the Tax Day Tea Party Protests, interviews with:
  • Pajamas Media/PJTV CEO Roger L. Simon.
  • PJTV co-hosts Allen Barton, Bill Whittle and Joe Hicks.
  • Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.com.
  • Talk radio star Hugh Hewitt.
  • Finally, from the “Twitter-sphere”, Michael Patrick Leahy of Top Conservatives On Twitter, and beaming in from Planet Kruiser, a cameo from the man, the myth, the legend, comedian Stephen Kruiser.
  • Produced by your humble purveyor of rich, Christmastime bloggity goodness.

Tune in here to listen!


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