Ed Driscoll

Great Moments In Christmas Retailing

[youtube xwuXgJ6VQa8]

There do seem to be more retailers willing to wish the small minority of 90 percent or so of their customers who celebrate the holiday a Merry Christmas this year, but not all of course.


Every year I get the otherwise handsome Brooks Brothers “Holiday” catalogs, and every year, I wonder why they can’t be bothered to put out at least one catalog with the word Christmas on the cover, as L.L. Bean, located in the post-capitalist wastelands of Vermont does. [Update: well, near-ish, I suppose — Ed] On the other hand, perhaps I should be thankful for small favors — it could always be worse. Far worse:

(Above video from 2007; one man’s easy solution to catalogs whose proprietors can’t bring themselves to utter the C-word.)

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