Ed Driscoll

Tipper, I'm Home

No sir, you are the vice-president. You’ve always been the vice-president. I ought to know: it seems like I’ve always been here, forced to listen to your pedantic speeches, and now sophomoric poetry:


And yes, the Gore Effect is inescapable as Al single-handedly freezes out a conference on global warming — even Bloomberg.com admits, “Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen as Leaders Battle Warming.”

Meanwhile, in a video for PJTV, Roger L. Simon spots a Mobius loop worthy of the Overlook Hotel itself: warmed over (actually, quite freezing, due to all the global warming there) anti-capitalist hippies, radicals and similar poseurs are on the outside of the Copenhagen conference protesting, as warmed over anti-capitalist transnational elites, despots, and similar poseurs are sitting snugly inside the meeting rooms doing their part to limit freedom as well. I wonder if the protesters and protestees realize they’re actually on the same team or not?

Update: And speaking of Mobius loops! “Behold the Essex Six, who ask that you honk to stop global warming. Which means you’re driving a car at the time. They haven’t really thought this through.”