Ed Driscoll

All The News That's Fit To Bury

At Big Government, Michael Walsh has the a two-part series: “Clueless’ Clark [Hoyt] Alert: The Top Ten Undernews Stories of the Year, Part I” and Part II.

Fortunately, if you’re a regular reader here or (especially at Big Government), you’ll recognize most of the players, even if they’re names are conveniently missing from the Gray Lady’s scorecard: they include Andy Stern, Van Jones, Kevin Jennings, and those wacky anything-for-a-buck-from-Obama folks at the NEA — and that’s just the gang from Part I of Walsh’s post.

Update: Upon further thought, I believe that Walsh is being far too hard on the Times. Truly, nothing gets past them.

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Needless to say this is one  l  e  n  g  t  h  y post.