Ed Driscoll

Raiders Of The Lost Databases: Pop Cultural Anthropology And Archeology

The latest clip from the Onion is actually a pretty good forecast for what’s likely to happen in a few decades, as scientists begin to sift through the effluvia left behind online and on personal computers by today’s digital culture:


[youtube 7mFJdOsjJ0k]

Similarly, somebody should attempt a serious look back at the early days of the Compuserve forums and chat rooms of the late 1970s and early 1980s, the days of Apple IIs, TRS-80s, and 300 baud modems.

Of course, the further back one goes in time, the more likely the details will be distorted, both by trying to put the square pegs of our past culture into contemporary round holes cf: World War II, Vietnam; even businessmen at the tail end of Ike’s 1950s, or forces that helped to, for better and worse, upend that culture:

[youtube 3Z2vU8M6CYI]

Finally, a bit of pop culture anthropology that isn’t a satire: IO9.com links to a PDF file of the series “bible” — the writers’ guide for the Batman TV series. No, not the campy version with Adam West, the early 1990s animated series that, at least until the recent Christian Bale movies, was the closest that a motion entertainment media captured the tone of the best of the comics.

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