Ed Driscoll

You Too Can Cash In On Global Warming Alarmism!

As we’ve noted in a couple of posts recently, global warming alarmism has reached a pitch so fevered, only the Weekly World News could have imagined it a decade ago.

Fortunately, one enterprising (and entirely fictitious) law firm is helping parents fight back

[youtube 4q8hbQWGqYw]

Yes, it’s satire, but then, so was this a few years ago.

Update: As Bernadine Dohrn would say, Roger L. Simon is definitely in the belly of the beast, and is providing dispatches from “The Snows of Kilimancrazy.” And speaking of beasts, “10,000 Organic Chickens Bite the Dust for Copenhagen.”

It’s to a far, far better, and more carbon-neutral place they go.