Ed Driscoll

The Heartbeat Of Oceania

Behold, an Orwellian anatomy lesson:


Chevrolet used to be the “Heartbeat of America”, before being absorbed into the “Government Motors” collective, where the failed cities of Detroit and Washington, DC play off each other in a fiscal dance to the death. And it’s the latter city, as Mark Krikorian writes at the Corner, that the left, not surprisingly, sees as America’s heart:

Notice that Washington is pictured as the heart of nation, where tired, oxygen-depleted blood is replenished and returned to the hinterland. It’s a perfect illustration of the worldview of the Left. The NRCC should turn this into a poster warning Americans about the consequences of another two years of Democratic dominance in Congress.

Oh, and using a Jefferson quote about liberty to promote socialism? Priceless.

Hey, given that John Kerry is fond of reciting imaginary Jefferson quotes, it’s not too surprising that a real quote is  being twisted like silly putty to advance the leftwing cause du jour.

Update: Smitty, Stacy McCain’s co-blogger, asks the logical next question about the above Orwellian anatomy lesson.