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Senator Geary's Jazz Odyssey

Ed Carson at Investor’s Business Daily spots Harry Reid going Spinal Tap:

When word hit late Tuesday of a Senate deal to drop the public option, it appeared Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., may have found a way to win over centrist lawmakers without alienating the larger number of liberal members. But several of those moderates have signaled they’re uneasy with the proposals, while industry players have signaled displeasure. The complete lack of detail hasn’t helped. Today’s report by Medicare analysts saying that Democratic plans will make overall health spending rise even faster, that many of the proposed cuts are politically “unrealistic” and if they did happen, would hurt beneficiaries and health care providers.

Reid’s proposal is starting to look like Spinal Tap’s jazz “reinvention,” complete with enthusiastic crowds.

I hope you enjoy our new direction:

[youtube OMTPQVOWCiU]

Update: Jennifer Rubin asks, “Did Reid Kill ObamaCare?”

In a sense, Reid clarified what many suspected was going on. The Democrats had ceased trying to craft a workable bill and had decided to pass something, anything, and fix it later. By choosing an approach so obviously hare-brained, however, Reid deprived his party of the pretense that they were engaged in serious lawmaking. Perhaps Reid can put all the pieces together, respond to the substantive concerns coming from all sides, reassure his members that the polls don’t mean anything, and round up 60 votes before the end of the year. But now that seems a whole lot less likely. And if it all crumbles, conservatives will have Harry Reid to thank.

Or was it an even less politically powerful influence? “Tiger Woods is the reason Americans cannot get universal health care.”

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