Ed Driscoll

Hide The Decline!

The perfect follow-up to last night’s post on the MSM’s most important job as keeping news out rather than reporting it: “ClimateGate Totally Ignored By TV News Outlets Except Fox”, Noel Sheppard writes at Newsbusters.

Like the Swift Vets breaking the embargo on John Kerry’s Vietnam-era radical chic past  in 2004, and the National Enquirer reporting on John Edwards’ extramarital extracurricular activities last year, watch for ClimateGate to become yet another story that everyone knows, even though nobody in the traditional sense reported it.

Instead, watch for CBS’s Katie Couric to sing mock Christmas carols and ABC to run one-sided infomercials in praise of ObamaCare, and the GE-affiliated networks NBC and MSNBC to dust-off their hectoring “green week” campaign from 2007. The ancien régime has far too much invested in flat earth theories to publicly challenge them.

Update: At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey notes that CBS’s Website at least is covering this story. And as Howard Kurtz adds in his latest column, which links to our Sunday blogpost on ClimateGate, the Washington Post has weighed into the story in an article that’s gotten relatively good feedback in the starboard half of the Blogosphere.

Kurtz seems to sort of dismiss the underlying story a bit, even though, as Jennifer Rubin writes about another Post item on the grudging acceptance among the left of nuclear power, it has enormous ramifications for the nation’s energy and transportation policies, and the prices consumers pay for such services.