The Torch Has Been Passed To A New Generation

Moe Lane writes that New Jersey’s infamous Torricelli gambit of 2002 could return with a whole new twist:

…the Democrats are thinking about giving us another bite at that particular apple.  To summarize this… scheme:

  • Jon Corzine resigns prior to January.
  • Richard Codey becomes acting Governor (remember: no Lt. Gov before this election).
  • Frank Lautenberg (currently 85 years old) resigns as Senator.
  • Codey appoints Corzine Senator.

(H/T: The Campaign Spot)  Let me add the next step:

  • Republicans pick up an unlooked-for Senate seat via a 2010 special election.

…which is probably not Corzine’s intent; but then, neither was losing the governor’s race.  As for this prospective race… a recent loser, a Democrat, and an incumbent in 2010.  That would be perfect, thanks.


Are New Jersey Dems likely to run Corzine again?

In Louisiana North politics, anything can happen.


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