What's In Your Wallet?

Jennifer Rubin links to a Washington Post item on the curious lettering found on Major Nidal Hasan’s business cards. You can see one in detail in this photo from yesterday’s Dallas Morning News photo spread on the contents of Hasan’s apartment:



Click photo to enlarge; Jennifer writes:

The Washington Post reports that Major Nadal Hasan’s apartment contained some business cards imprinted as follows:

Behavioral Health — Mental Health — Life Skills

Nidal Hasan, MD, MPH



The Post explains: “SoA refers to ’soldier of Allah’ or ’slave of Allah,’ and ‘SWT’ to an Arabic phrase meaning ‘glory to him, the exalted.’” Sometimes there is simply no way to explain away reality.

Indeed; related thoughts on Hasan’s business card from Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, who has another photo of one of the cards.

Oh, and by the way, the Dallas Morning News also photographed a now-empty blister pack they also found in Hasan’s apartment that previously contained a LaserMax gun-sight:



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