Ed Driscoll

Riding The "Diversity" Mobius Loop

And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

General George William Casey Jr., chief of staff of the United States Army, Meet The Press, November 8, 2009.

‘This campaign has made our staff better and, more importantly, more diverse.”

— Then-New York Times editor Howell Raines on the recruiting efforts of his newspaper, as quoted by Mickey Kaus, Friday, May 9, 2003.

Update: Chris Matthews brings new meaning to the phrase “phoning it in”:

“See – we have a problem,” Matthews said. “How do we know when someone like Hasan is going to make his move and do we know he’s an Islamist until he’s made his move? He makes a phone call or whatever, according to Reuters right now. Apparently he tried to contact al Qaeda. Is that the point at which you say, ‘This guy is dangerous?’ That’s not a crime to call up al Qaeda, is it? Is it? I mean, where do you stop the guy?

Better screwed than rude.