You Stay Classy, Ted

A couple of years ago, I wrote:

Back around 1988, I watched Ted Danson, then at the height of his fame as the star of Cheers appear on a late-night infomercial pitch for an environmental group. He ended the half-hour advertisement with his saying that “we only have ten years to save the world’s oceans”. (That’s a paraphrase, but as close as I remember the line.)

It’s a reminder that, with the exception of Hollywood’s greatest Greatest Generation-era stars (Cary Grant, Bogie, The Duke, Coop), Bill Whittle’s Lou Grant Effect is inviolable. Having a beer in Sam Malone’s bar while he recounts his glory days with the Sox sounds like infinitely more fun than listening to the doomsday prognostications of someone paid to recite lines written by others, with his performance calibrated by someone else.


On Monday, Ted got his two minute hate on with Joy Behar, CNN-Headline News’ replacement for Glenn Beck, or as the headline on reads, Ted Danson: Rush Limbaugh, Religious Right ‘Really Piss Me Off’”:

Update: And speaking of Beck: “Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck” in a botched parody at the Onion.

Update: Big Hollywood notes, “Longtime Limbaugh listeners know where Danson’s anger comes from.” Read on for Danson having to eat his 1988 “ten years to save the oceans” prognostication when called on it during a 2007 CNBC interview.




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