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Behold, the Pulp Engine!

Veteran blogger and former Vodkapundit partner-in-Stoli Will Collier writes:

Pulp Engine is a brand-new site (is it a blog? I’m not sure) that some writer friends and I have been working on for a while now. It’s an online fiction magazine devoted to new stories written in the “pulp” tradition: horror, science fiction, and detective stories are in this issue, with more lined up for the future. We plan to release new “issues” bi-monthly, assuming real life allows.

We decided to build Pulp Engine because we were heartily sick of plotless “literary” fiction, and decided to go write what we’ve been wanting to read: good stories that are actual *stories,* not just the diminuendos of personal revelation that clog writing seminars. We’ve had a blast putting it together, and I think you’ll get a kick out of the results. I have a story of my own up in the first release, the first piece of fiction I’ve actually finished since college (and it was FUN to write).

So here’s the link. Hope you enjoy Pulp Engine: http://pulpengine.com

Stop and check it out!

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