And Speaking Of Hollywood Reactionaries

Big Hollywood and Newsbusters catch Larry David’s latest antics in Curb Your Enthusiasm. At the latter site, Noel Sheppard writes:

HBO’s hit series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has pushed the comedic envelope for many years, but what happened in Sunday’s episode was so disgraceful it’s already received comment from the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue.

The set-up is the show’s star and producer Larry David is taking some medication that is making him urinate quite forcefully.

It’s so powerful that while urinating in his assistant’s bathroom, he accidentally splashed some of it on a picture of Jesus Christ hanging on a nearby wall.


Arguably, the first big Hollywood picture to overtly thumb its nose at Christianity was Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H in 1970. That was almost 40 years ago, making David’s shtick the equivalent of a 1960s-era comedian expecting his audience to laugh at jokes about flappers and bootleggers.

The obvious alternative would be for David to insult Islam — and for obvious reasons, that’s not going to happen. But the Anchoress finds an even more potent religious icon that David will also never attack.


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