Ed Driscoll

We're Gonna Turn it On, We're Gonna Bring You The Power!

James Lileks continues his Halloween-week exploration of the original Universal Frankenstein movies of the 1930s, with Son of Frankenstein, including this passage:

The obligatory animation sequence isn’t as dramatic as the others; no one’s hoisted through a hole in the roof, interrogated by lightning. But we do have lens flares worthy of the latest Star Trek movie:


They must have been using the super-early Ver. 0.1 beta version of Knoll Light Factory back then…

As Lileks adds:

Electricity, the Animating Spirit! Six years away from the atom bomb, and the movie still echoes the author’s 18th century-derived fascination with the elemental power of electricity.

Which is far more benign than 21st century “progressive” efforts to bring darkness to the light:

[youtube hojEjXnuYxA]

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