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New Video: "Expanding The Operation": Pawlenty At WCPAC

Here's more footage I shot at Western CPAC this past weekend -- this time with a decent camera and tripod to boot! It's highlights from Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota's keynote speech on Friday, October 16th.

Pawlenty's speech was about nearly an hour long; the above are just five minutes of highlights. Unfortunately, I was shooting reaction shots of the crowd when Pawlenty had one of his best moments. But Ed Morrissey (who resides in Pawlenty's state) had his camera fortuitously aimed in the right direction at the right time. Scroll to about 1:25 into Capt. Ed's video for a nifty riff that dovetails quite well with the title of my clip:

And for my earlier video clip of Andrew Breitbart at Western CPAC, click here.