And Speaking Of Mao-Maoing

Megan McCardle continues to be amazed by the antics of the man she had supported last year on the campaign trail , and his staffers:

“I thought that this must be some kind of grotesque conservative exaggeration, but no, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn really did tell a graduating high school class to emulate Mao Tse-Tung’s bold and imaginative attitude during his takeover of China. Most of us look at the tens of millions who died and maybe think twice about trying to imitate the late Chairman, but hey, think different!”


Glenn Reynolds adds, “The White House has long since outrun conservatives’ powers of exaggeration.”

Muggeridge’s Law was made for this gang.

Incidentally, a 1943 film that’s out on DVD this week would play remarkably well when it’s movie night at the current White House.

(Just make sure to buy the correct region code this time, fellas.)


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