Ed Driscoll

The Corona Candidate

Found via Don Surber, Chris Muir’s characters enjoy a Nobel moment (clearly an example of that bipartisan feeling that President Obama believes is breaking out everywhere):



Elsehwhere, Mark Steyn spots the Nobel delegates eager to give peace a hand — or two themselves:

I was planning on skipping the Nobel prize ceremony, but it may be livelier than anticipated, judging from this tidbit re the committee’s head honcho Thorbjørn Jagland:

In 1998, Jagland was confronted with another incident, after placing his hands on Synnøve Svabø’s breasts on national television. Svabø was at that time talk show host for Weekend Globoid.

“Weekend globoid” sounds like Norwegian for “dilletante transnationalist”.

Given that it’s Norway, are we sure this counts as a grope-grope there?

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