ACORN Versus "Hardscrabble Taliban-In-The-Cave, Right-Wing Republicans"

Hot Air catches this quote from Wade Rathke, the former “chief organizer” for the increasingly disgraced ACORN:

“We’re in a period of neo-McCarthyism, ” Rathke said. “Everybody is running for cover, it’s everyman for himself and somebody turn out the light.”

A period of “neo-McCarthyism?” Well I guess that’s one way to describe the current administration, but I think we can safely say that’s not who Rathke was referring to:

“How you can go from the Obama moment less than a year ago to a period now where a hardscrabble Taliban-in-the-cave, right-wing Republican movement is able to intimidate people to cut and run is beyond me, ” he said.

Such inverse Clausewitzian language helps to place this recent item from Matthew Vaddum at the American Spectator into further context: “ACORN Founder Wade Rathke Wanted Terrorist Attack on Republican Convention to Succeed.”



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