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Wait, Isn't This Bill Ayers' Shtick?

Matthew Vaddum writes, “ACORN Founder Wade Rathke Wanted Terrorist Attack on Republican Convention to Succeed:”

ACORN founder Wade Rathke didn’t have a problem with domestic terrorists trying to kill delegates at the Republican Party’s national convention in 2008, former radical community organizer Brandon Darby suggests at Andrew Breitbart’s new website Big Government.

Darby, who got to see how the ACORN crime syndicate operates up close in New Orleans, writes that after he acknowledged that he helped the FBI foil a plot to attack the RNC convention in Minnesota Rathke denounced him on his blog. Darby writes

What does any of this have to do with ACORN? I wondered the same thing on January 31st of 2009 when I was reading an ACORN blog that is run by Wade Rathke (the man who claims credit for founding ACORN). He devoted an entire page to my work with the FBI. How did he describe the FBI’s effort and success in preventing innocent Americans, local police and federal agents from being burned, maimed and/or possibly killed by firebombs? He wrote that it’s “one thing to disagree, but it’s a whole different thing to rat on folks.”  That is what ACORN’s founder had to say about my role in stopping a bomb plot.

Indeed Rathke did write that. He described Darby as “an FBI-informer who had fingered some folks for mayhem designed for the Republican National Convention in 2008 in the Twin Cities.” Added Rathke, “It seemed so, how should I say it, sixties?”

There it is in black and white. ACORN founder Wade Rathke resented Darby working with the authorities to disrupt a left-wing terrorist plot.

Here’s another way to look at it: if you oppose ACORN’s agenda, you deserve to be murdered.

Which makes this analogy all the more curious:

While extrapolating about why he and ACORN’s leadership made an executive decision not to disclose his brother’s nearly $1 million embezzlement, Rathke explains that they were afraid their opponents would “weaponize” the crime in order to destroy ACORN.

Project much, Wade?

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