Seven Days Of Schadenfreude

As Big Hollwood notes, “What a week for Celebucrat video!”

Whoopi –rape-rape– Goldberg…

Bette –take Glenn Beck’s free speech away– Midler…

John –race-obsessed, socialist, grievance monger– Leguizamo…

Mad –here’s another reason to love W. – onna…

David –I think this makes me a hypocrite– Letterman

And now:

Janeane –can’t get on TV unless I bash everyday Americans — Garofalo…


Click over for the full video horrorshow.

Meanwhile, the Sundries Shack has video from (at least in contrast to the above train wrecks) television’s earlier, less cynical days.

Update: One more; it’s a still photo, not a video, but  it’s “A Picture Worth 1,000 Speeches on Teleprompter” at the Jawa Report.


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