Ed Driscoll

"Hypocrisy So Bad It Hurts"

Dovetailing remarkably well with the previous post, as this week’s schadenfreude-a-go-go continues apace, Dan Riehl writes, “Left Discovers Patriotism, No One Died”:

Hypocrisy so bad it hurts – first bit via Andy Sullivan. Yes, Virginia, you can question their patriotism, now. It isn’t like it’s a war, or anything.

Criticizing a president is one thing – and important. Hoping he fails – even to the point of celebrating a national loss – is a sign of partisanship that has become pathologically blind to any sense of perspective or patriotism.

As Victor Davis Hanson wrote earlier this week — just scratching the surface of the aura of the penumbra of the previous eight years, “O Ye of Little Memory . . .”

Update: Speaking of the Olympics, as The Excitable One was in the passage quoted by Riehl, Weasel Zippers spots some serious airbrushing going on, as the New York Times’ goes into damage control mode for Obama.

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